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Cape Hatteras Offshore Trips

Cape Hatteras is a major draw for tourists and visiting professional anglers, and charter boats from up and down the east coast to compete in the many billfish tournaments that are put on every year.

Cape Hatteras offshore fishing offers some of the most plentiful fishing grounds on the east coast and indeed the entire mid-atlantic coastal region. These grounds provide anglers a wide range of exciting big game sportfish species to target like marlin, sailfish, and tuna, to satisfy even the most adventurous angler.

Offshore anglers have a wide range of elusive fish species to seek out, drawn by the warm blue waters of the Gulf Stream that runs along the entire east coast of America.The Gulf Streams distance from shore fluctuates depending on the season but is usually never farther than 100 miles offshore at it’s farthest point.

However, you have to make the run all the way to the Gulf Stream. Although the water is warmer and bluer farther offshore, anglers can still catch tuna, marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi, and all of the popular big game sport fish they expect to catch closer to land.

The Offshore Fishing Experience!

Most of the Cape Hatteras charter boats dock in Teach's Lair which is located at the southern end of the Va beach resort area.

You arrive at the boat around dawn, and the marina is already a hive of activity; first mates are getting their boats ready, and anglers running back and forth to their trucks to make sure they didn’t forget any last minute items.

And you might see other Cape Hatteras fishing Captains shooting the breeze about where they might fish today. Now it’s time to load the boat with your cooler, any gear you may have brought, and all the anglers in your party.

You wait patiently as you hear the rumble of the engines idling at the dock when finally you here the Captain say what you have been waiting for him to say all morning, "Let’s go fishing."

As you head out of Teach's Lair you might be talking with your buddies about who is gonna catch the first fish, the biggest, or maybe you are drawing straws or numbers to choose the pecking order for when it comes time to catch fish.

The ride out to the fishing grounds is full of anticipation; Very soon you will have your turn in the fighting chair fighting one on one with a big game fish most only dream about catching.

The hunt is on..

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