Don’t Forget the Mate!

Please remember that mates work for tips and their job is not easy. Your mate is not only usually the first one to the boat and definitely the last one to leave, but also a great help whilst out fishing. Mates have a very tough job and they deserve every dollar they make.

Please tip them well.

A compliment from Sunday!

"Hello again. I wanted to thank you for a great trip on Sunday.......Please thank your first mate for us. He was fantastic."

Thanks Wendy for the compliments! We hope to see you in August or September!
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Charter Captain Tiki Bob

Captain "Tiki Bob" Robinson of the Cape Hatteras charter fishing boat "Fin Seeker", which runs offshore and inshore charters out of Teach's Lair in Cape Hatteras, VA.

The Fin Seeker calls Cape Hatteras home for most of the year except for a couple months in the fall for NC peak fishing months, when they move to Hatteras Inlet to run ocean deep drop fishing charters off of the North Carolina coast.

When it comes to choosing an experienced fishing Captain you certainly want to choose one who is professional and knowledgeable about the area fishing grounds. Not only is he friendly but he displays an abundance of patience, a must have quality for a professional fishing Captain.

Captain Tiki Bob has been fishing the waters of Cape Hatteras since he was a kid. He used to fish the Cape Hatteras waters at 13 years old in a small 16ft skiff with a 5 hp Sears and Roebuck motor. Not a luxury cruiser but for a kid that’s all Captain Bob needed to get ’hooked’.

Nearly 30 years later Bob is a United States Coast Guard licensed and insured Virginia charter boat Captain. He is also a North Carolina charter Captain fishing out of Hatteras Inlet certain months of the year.

Captain Bob’s Other Notables

He is an IGFA approved certified observer
He is an IGFA approved Captain
He has a Coast Guard 100 ton Masters with 4 endorsements
Captain Bob is a tournament tested sportfishing Captain

Meet Our First Mate
Meet Our First Mate

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